Island Adventure

Enjoy Two Islands by Just Stepping Across the Boarder

Two amazing islands in the Caribbean, St Martin and St Maarten sit side by side in harmony, hosting and exchanging guest travelers for over 300 years. One island is under French Government control, the other is under Dutch Government control. We aim to provide you with just the right tips to start planning for your next vacation. Ensure to have your driver’s license on board since there are many good options for St Martin car rental; allowing you and your loved ones the a great opportunity to traverse the island. Get your passport ready and make sure that it is not over six months old. This trip is going to warrant a trip to the doctor’s office for a few required vaccinations. These vaccinations keep you safe as you travel and others you come in contact with on your trip and are further explained below.


Anytime is an excellent time to visit St Maarten, however the prime time in November, December, May, and June. You will see a drastic reduction in rates for accommodations and less rain. There is less of a risk for enduring a hurricane during this time.

Is St Maarten Safe to Visit?

The nearly 40-miles of island adventure are just as secure and gratifying as any other vacation hot spot. St Maarten is not without crime, hence all the traveler needs to do is be alert, cautious, and employ common sense when traveling about the island. Of the two islands, St Maarten gears more towards a busy travel guest venue, therefore is more active with action. Common sense dictates that you should leave the majority of your money at your hotel and not carry a lot of money with you. To be on the safe side leave expensive jewelry with your money and do not go out in an array of expensive jewelry, tempting fate.

Protect Yourself with Vaccinations When Traveling

Travelers to other countries frequently worry about consuming beverage and food items and becoming ill. When you venture to St Maarten need not be concerned about becoming ill from the drinking water as it is safe. There is an abundance of bottled water, such as mineral water available. All of the meat products, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetable, and seafood are safe. However, as an added protection to you it is advisable you ask your doctor to give you the hepatitis B vaccination and a vaccination for tuberculosis.


Apparel for the Occasion

Be sure to pack plenty of casual lightweight cotton clothing as this seems to be more comfortable attire. You will be safe to take along some dressy attire for evening wear as this appears to be the normal dress on the island of St Maarten. The island has a stable temperature in the lower 80-degree range year around, so it makes no difference what time of the year you decide to plan your visit to this spectacular hot spot. There is always a balmy ocean breeze over the island which makes these 80-degree temperatures very comfortable.